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Our Story

VentureUp was founded by Peter Liu as a small organization for connecting venture capitalists in the then-emerging Chicago VC ecosystem, especially those early in their careers. Since then, VentureUp has grown to encompass more than 200 VCs, hosting small group gatherings, large social events, and even professional development opportunities.

Our curated sessions help connect VentureUp members with veteran VCs, successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, other industry leaders from all over the country, as well as each other, in order to help accelerate their development and expand their network.

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Our Story


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VentureUp is a network for rising VCs investing in the Midwest. Our mission is to galvanize the next generation of VC leaders through peer collaboration, authentic relationship building, and professional development.


Venture outside of the West and East Coasts can be lonely; VentureUp helps to link VCs with an active, diverse, and welcoming community of other VCs of all levels who are active within the Midwest.

Membership is free and is exclusively for full-time members of venture funds active in the Midwest. We are supported by a roster of Fortune 500 corporations, global service providers, and world-class universities as sponsors. Our 2022 annual sponsors include Signature Bank, Denton's, JLL, Aumni, Vouch, Quaestor, Affinity, and VensureHR. 

Executive Board

Executive Board

facilitating authentic connections amongst member VCs

Tamim Abdul Majid.png
Tamim Abdul Majid
Partner, OCA Ventures
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Jess Headshot.jpg
Jessica Schultz
President, Amplify Group
Faith Voinovich
Faith Voinovich
Principal, Ohio Innovation Fund
Scott Stern
Scott Stern
Partner, Origin Ventures
Matt Castellini.jpg
Matt Castellini
Senior Associate, Alumni Ventures
Cristin Pacifico
Director, TechNexus 
Rachel Mackey
Head of Platform, OCA Ventures
Carolyn Kwon
Program Director, Moderne Ventures
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